"There's nothing to match curling up with a good book

when there's a repair job to be done

around the house."

Joe Ryan




I'm very busy writing today. Sometimes I just want to....I must...So here is Naomi. She's one of Jim Harrison 's characters. In "The road to home" we have part of her journal. I know, her daughter's name Dalva, is more familiar to you but I'd like her to be my friend.She's strong and very woman assuming her difficulties, her problems, living her everyday's life, not as "spectacular " as her daughter but so true.Strange to see that huge man of Harrison, being so delicate and so woman.For years I reacted very strongly to men writers describing women. I only read feminist and feminin books. The magic of writing...Naomi, the mother, the grand-mother, the wife, the school-mistress, the lover , Naomi is. She exists, her voice is just right."I will reach sixty-five in December. There are somewhat comic realizations in the aging process that you thought you understood previously but it was very much a surface understanding. Primary among these is that it all happens just once. Back at our pond, I watch the cottonwood leaves begin to descend after the first frost..."The way every night she waves good-night to her husband who passed away years ago...He sometimes answers" in a sleepy voice"...I love this writing...full of life...
and there so many things to say about Montana and Michigan writers...

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