"There's nothing to match curling up with a good book

when there's a repair job to be done

around the house."

Joe Ryan



Sue Hubbell , we love you

I just went on the web to find a photo of Sue Hubbell.What did I find?A nice site with plenty interesting details..
."What is the one thing that Laura Ingalls Wilder, T.S. Eliot, Marianne Moore, Langston Hughes, Sara Teasdale, Robert Heinlein, Fannie Hurst, Jack Conroy, Kate Chopin, and Tennessee Williams have in common with Mark Twain?All of them lived in Missouri.All are a part of Missouri’s literary heritage. """
"The country year: living the questions" I don't remenber when I discovered this book. I just know I read it dozens of time, bought it for Mum, aunts, friends...All these women aged more than fifty loved it...You've so many things to learn in it, on woman, on nature. It's strong and quiet, optimistic and realistic. A life book. I really must read her other books now my English is better. In my profile in this blog i borrowed a few lines...Thank you Sue, you helped me so many times...

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