"There's nothing to match curling up with a good book

when there's a repair job to be done

around the house."

Joe Ryan



Jorn Riel's trilogies

only three up to now!!!
The one I prefer is the Greenland saga "Sangen for livet" , "The song of life"...It tells the story of The Eskimo people ...
The first book "Heq" tells how native hunters from America reached Greenland a thousand years ago. Heq can survive because he can submit to the mythic forces of life and nature without losing himself and hear the song of wisdom and insight.
The second book "Arluck" takes place when Norsemen arrive...Arluck too ,must hear the song and cross the crevasse.
In the third book arrives Sore the woman returning to her native country..Sore who is going to sing the song very loudly to reconnect with life , her life, her mother's life, her people's life...A story-teller is born. May the people survive...
and may you cry and rejoice your heart filling up with the beautiness of the language, so strong, loving, hoping...it's impossible to tell the story...it has to be read...

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Benoît said...

Hello, do you know where i can find the english or russian translation of the song of life trilogies from Jorn Riel ? I couldn't find it on amazon :(

Your help will be very appreciated.
Please answer me at the following address: benoit.humm@gmail.com