"There's nothing to match curling up with a good book

when there's a repair job to be done

around the house."

Joe Ryan



Jorn Riel post 1

That man is very very handsome...yes you noticed...ah...life isn't perfect...he left Scandinavia and live somewhere in Malaysia with his family...and he speaks so good English...A pleasure to talk with him.
Now Oldwoman, come back on earth...First listen to him:
"We need stories - false stories or tall tales if necessary -in order to keep life and time and the community going, and to prevent the blood from congealing."
Would love to show you all the books I had...I had to sell them on a day I was broke...I miss them...they were dedicated...
Never mind, only the words are important, I'll buy them again...
Now I'll have to go on searching my old notes to tell you everything about that nice
gentle man.

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