"There's nothing to match curling up with a good book

when there's a repair job to be done

around the house."

Joe Ryan



"Love medicine" Louise Erdrich

I read it directly in English...I'm so proud...If I've a problem sure I'll find a blog-sister to help me...(lol)a second-hand book...i love it...we may imagine the person who had it before...
Toni Morrison wrote: "The beauty of Love Medicine saves us from being completely devastated by its power..."
We discover two families, the Lamartines and the Kashpaws, who live on and around a North Dakota reservation...such beautiful women...and men...
"Although, he never did well in school, Lipsha knew surprising things. He read books about computers and volcanoes and the life cycles of salamanders. Sometimes he used words I had to ask him the meaning of, and other times he didn't make even the simplest sense. I loves him for being both ways..."
Moses..."he was his island, he was me, he was his cats, he didn't exist from the inside out but from the outside in. And so that winter, I stayed with him in the cave as the snow fell, as the wind piled snow over us, wrapped us, sealed us in frozen stones.
N'dawnis, n'dawnis, my mother still spoke to me, sang to me, keeping me in spite of him from deeper harm.
We slept curved in one shape, around the baby as it grew. We hardly talked except by signs. We had no need of words...."

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