"There's nothing to match curling up with a good book

when there's a repair job to be done

around the house."

Joe Ryan



"The solace of open spaces." Gretel Ehrlich 1984

I really do love this type of book...you get to know a woman, a country, a life and so many details making life liveable for the writer and the reader...I read to learn...I eat the books, feed myself with any bit of life in it...I'm so greedy of new countries, new ways of life...and here I get everything I wish:
The Wyoming: "the name comes from an Indian word meaning"at the great plains" but the plains are really valleys, great arid valleys, sixteen hundred square miles, with the horizon bending up on all sides into mountain ranges. This gives the vastness a sheltering look"
it seems so "exotic" when you live in a tiny bit of france...
Then you get to know a woman, just recovering from the death of the man she loved...She then decided to stay in the country she was filming and to work there...Working on ranches day time, writing at night...working so hard...meeting such strong and extraordinary people hermits, cowboys, women...and discovering the wind, the winter, the changing seasons, the cattle....
"Walking is also an ambulation of mind" walking , working was also a way of healing...
I really recommend this book. It's great...
listen: "It's May and I'm just awakened from a nap, curled against sagebrush the way my dog taught me to sleep-sheltered from wind...."

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