"There's nothing to match curling up with a good book

when there's a repair job to be done

around the house."

Joe Ryan



Sue Hubbell, again, always and ever...

yes, I know, Sue Hubbell again...but I love her so very much...found a new book today...
when you're a woman you can't help loving such words...so straight and simple...
if you didn't read the previous posts about that writer, go and buy: "A country year, living the questions..."
« From here to there and back again »by Sue Hubbell
My grand-mother....
« Her family was like no one else's. Y scholl-friends had fathers and grand-fathers who did things, but in her family the women had been the doers. It wasn't that there weren't men-folks in my grand-mother's stories. There were lots of them, but they died young, or were drifters and dreamers who disappeared or turned to drink or succumbed to melancholia or slow-mortal diseases. The women on the other hand were full of spit and vinegar until the end.
What I learned from her stories was this: women could do hard things and do them competently; problems could be worked out if you ignored what everyone else told you and did what the situation required; sometimes there are men around and sometimes not, but life goes on pretty much the same either way.
Those were not bad lessons to learn growing up in the 1930's, when most of the worls's messages said something else to a woman-child. »

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Leslie Shelor said...

I wil have to look up this writer; sounds like some of the books I've been reading lately!